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If this does NOT work on yours, please deliver usan email, telling us exactly what Phone/Tablet you are using, and itsAndroid: Q: When I have blocked the particular Mic using this app, I can nevertheless runan audio recording app. Should not this app Block audio spying apps? A: No . This application will NOT stop Audio Recording Applications – or anyother Spy Applications – from App will PREVENT the MIC (by Muting it), however , so that thoseapps cannot report any sound.

Whatsapp spy is free yet it’s only ajoyfulPrankBy using this Whatsapp Hacker app you will be able to hackanywhatsapp For WhatsApp is the first application that let you Hack anyWhatsAppaccount only using your android access to the hacked whatsapp accountRead message ReplyEdit statusEdit profile pictureDisclaimer: This application is really a Prank and it doesn’treallyhack whatsapp.

Lock for WhatsApp is a smart Protector/Locker which protect yourprivate chat from intruder. Features: — Taking less memory as evaluate to other Locker. – You can easily allow or disable Locker. – Numeric lock protection (minimum password size 4 digit andmaximum 8 digit)- Forget password features- Update security password feature- Simple and attractive UI style. – Set security question for locating forget password- If locker can not work open Lock for WhatsApp software andpress restart service.

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